About Dr. Hitt Nichols

Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols is CEO of Nascent Medical, LLC, and has worked as a full-time medical writer since 2000. In 2003, she founded the popular FREE HittList weekly email listing jobs for medical writers, which 15 years later, still goes out every week.

In 2011, she went from being a one-person shop freelancer and created a process to bring on subcontractors to her company, Hitt Medical Writing, LLC. This grew the company, and in 2015, Emma brought on an equity partner to form Nascent Medical, LLC, a full-service medical communications company.

Emma also hosts the weekly Medical Writers Speak podcast, in which she interviews people about topics relevant to medical writers.

Emma has a PhD in Nutrition and Health Sciences (molecular biology) from Emory University, an MS in Technical and Professional Communication, and a BS in Biology.

So, let’s drop the third person bio style communication for a moment….

Nothing is more important to me than time with my family. I’m married to my dear hubby (lawyer and screen/TV writer Nick) and I am the mother of my teenage daughter, Madeleine, whose school bus I have met daily since kindergarten, and now I am here when she gets home from her part time job! That’s the beauty of working from home; I’ve been able to be there for my family.  This is why I am so passionate about the 6-week course–it helps science types trade a career where they have to work in a lab or hospital for 50+ hours a week for one where they can work from home. I want that for you and I hope I can help.